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Visit the Green Dog Brewery

To contain the spread of COVID-19, visits are temporarily SUSPENDED.
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You want to come and visit us and find out how our beers are born. We will be happy to welcome you..

Choose one of the available Sundays and book your visit! Emanuele Aimi and the Green Dog staff will accompany you along the path inside the Brewery.

immagine del terreno green dog

How visits are organized

  • Welcome to the Tap Room: here you will hear the story and history of the Agricultural Brewery, the passion for craft beer, the bond with their land and the decision to start the adventure in this world.
  • The journey continues to discover the brewery and the art of producing craft beer..
  • Where do we start We are at the Brewery in Via Oltre Arda 3, Lugagnano Val dArda PC. Sunday at 10 am. 10.
  • Cost: 10.00 inclusive of visit and tasting of 10cl of Italian Grape Ale Beere
  • You want to stop for lunch No problem! You can taste the typical dishes of the area, with local products, with dishes cooked and paired with our beers. 
  • Bring the mask with you and wear it to visit our places in complete safety. We take care of the rest!
  • Reservations are accepted by Friday at 12 noon.
  • Wait for confirmation via email to make sure the booking has been successful.

Contact us and let's get organized through one of the following: