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12 Mixed Nosén of 0.375 L

12 Mixed Nosén of 0.375 L

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The box contains:
4 classic 0.375 L Nosén bottles,
4 bottles of 0.375 L Nosén Riserva barricaded for 12 months,
4 bottles of 0.375 L Nosén Riserva barricaded for 18 months.

Style: Imperial Stout with walnuts, High Fermentation
VOL 9.5 - IBU 300

Classical: Beer with added nuts, born on St. John's Day when the walnut husk is harvested to make the famous Nocino, a walnut liqueur. Impenetrable black in color, the nose shows notes of chocolate, toasted notes, licorice and dried fruit given by the unmistakable taste of walnut. In the mouth you can feel the softness of the caramel and a long and persistent note of licorice, well mitigated the alcoholic note..

Barricade 12 months: The 12-month aging adds a hint of vanilla in addition to the above description..

Barricade 18 months: Aging for 18 months increases the perception of the licorice notea